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Telstra HTC One
Telstra owners of the HTC One, get excited the long awaited Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One is set to go live for your handsets tomorrow.

According to an update added to the Telstra Crowd Support message board this morning from Craig :

HTC have informed us of a slight delay in the deployment of this update. It is now expected to begin deploying on Thursday 1 August. No specific time of day has been provided yet – when it is I will let you all know.

Updates to expect in the Android 4.2.2 update have been outlined in previous releases that have hit the HTC One in various other locations around the world, they include :

  • Launcher Bar Enhancement
  • Widget panel rearrangement
  • New lock screen style and widget
  • Enhanced home button behaviour
  • home button options added to make navigation menu bar removable
  • Show battery level in the status bar
  • Quick settings panel:12 default settings by new touch gesture
  • AE/AF lock feature: Lock Exposure/Focus on view finder screen

So far other carriers – Optus and Vodafone – have not released updates on when their update for the HTC One will arrive. The Vodafone Software update blog, lists the 4.2.2 update for the HTC One as ‘Testing complete, review underway’. Optus, lists the update for the HTC One on their software update status page as ‘4.2.2 – Approved; awaiting release from manufacturer’ with no mention of when it will be released.

If you do see the update on ANY of your HTC One handsets, please give us a shout.

Source: TelstraOptusVodafone.
Thanks: To the many readers who tipped us to this..
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Sujay Vilash

Meh. Already on 4.3 via MaximusHD 12.1.0. Better sound quality via PureXAudio, APM, fast, smooth and excellent battery life. Recommend MaximusHD to anyone who is comfortable with rooting a phone.


My batter life sucks after this update, has anyone else had this problem?


Just checked my HTC One. It required a small “Software update”, which I needed to prompt it to look for. After that it wanted to do the system update. I’m on Optus.

I’m mostly just happy because I can use the phat pipes here at work for the epic 400mb+ download, as I go on leave tomorrow. Weeeee!


My Virgin Mobile On-Contract HTC one just got its 4.2.2 update notification.
waiting to get home for wifi – 450mb update…


Not many changes with this update but loving new quick settings and the phone feels more faster/zippier, even though it was already quite fast to begin with.


I just downloaded 4.2.2 to my Harvey Norman purchased “unbranded” One with the CID HTC_039. My brother also got the update for his which was purchased from JB with the same CID.


Update installed and loving it – took htc far too long to get the update out to devices, but it’s a big improvement 🙂

Nick Tsiotinos

My unbranded Optus One is not getting anything as yet….



Nick Tsiotinos

Just got the update! Looks good. The update process was different to the way the Nexus series updates (Nexus reboots only once). But it works fine.


Ramon, I have an unlocked phone on Optus and no update as yet. I checked the Optus update page and they are still saying that are awaiting clearance from HTC. So you must be real lucky.

Nick Tsiotinos

I wonder if taking the SIM out would help or not….


great idea, Nick. Thanks. I will try and post an update


nope. taking the sim off. didnt work. maybe resetting the phone to factory state may do it. thats my next option. But as most people have commented here…what a shame. a fantastic phione backed up by terrible support.

Ramon Bowman

Yes, must’ve been lucky! Just finished loading the update to my phone now…good as gold! Hopefully, your update will come through soon!


My update is downloading to my HTC One as I type this. I bought mine outright from JB HiFi, but it’s got Telstra skin on it. Apparently released to Telstra handsets from 3.00pm today (Thursday).

Ramon Bowman

Update is coming through on my unbranded optus phone.


I just got a 1.5MB system update which said it was a patch to allow a further upgrade.


And now a whopping 400+MB update…


Same result Buddy!!!!!!!

Ramon Bowman

Me too!!


I did this, now downloading the update… 400+ meg!


Hey guys just got the update from my unbranded Htc one! I brought from telstra outright,Talk about timing lol……..


I have the unlocked version, bought from JB HiFi, bit surprised at the slow rollout by htc, i thought unlocked would certainly get the update before carrier locked versions. Starting to wish I’d bought a Samsung GS4, this is my first Android phone and though the build quality is good and I prefer the look of sense, Samsung seem far quicker at supporting their devices 🙁

Sean Royce

Carriers usually have a deal allowing them updates before the unlocked versions. And yes, Samsung are quite quick at supporting their devices.


Really! That I did not know, though I wouldn’t have bought on contract anyway. Guess it’s just a futile wait for carriers. Do all carriers have to release before unlocked devices get the update?

Sean Royce

Yes usually.

James Finnigan

I’d rather the HTC One on 4.1 than the Galaxy S 4 on 4.2 any day! Although considering that HTC are trying to convince everyone that they aren’t horrible anymore, you’d think they would have put some effort into getting the update out as soon as possible.


I wonder why they (and Sony) didn’t start off with 4.2.2 from the beginning

brad pool

I have the HTC one international version and I still don’t have 4.2.2 update. I’m getting annoyed..




HTC are expecting the update to being deploying at 3:00PM today (Sydney time). If there are any changes I will let you know.”

Rollout is 3pm today.

Sujay Vilash

Root and install Android Revolution HD 12.1. You will not be disappointed. Has everything the HTC Sense 5 Stock ROM does but is more optimised for battery. I am getting 2 days of good use. Now if I could only make that 3 days ….


Does that mean the outright Australian handsets would get theirs as well?
I’m still SMH over how slow HTC brings their 4.2 update to the One…especially when the 4.3 is already well and truly out…and here I thought I’d given them a go this time with the One..sigh :/

Daniel Tyson

depends on where you purchased it from


HN…they were among the earliest to have the One..and it’s not even an Optus unlocked stock.

Daniel Tyson

It should be part of the unlocked international rollout then.


I brought the 64gb version outright/unlocked from Harvey Norman too,so would it be the international version if so when is the rollout for the international supposed to kick off?


Same boat. This is getting pretty stupid now. As I am an HTC customer, having bought the product outright, I would have thought HTC would somehow communicate the timeline on the update. Anything mildly specific would be good. Instead, there is a black hole of actively not communicating and a whole lot of carrier-induced misinformation. Bit of a bitter taste after researching, purchasing and enjoying the handset so far.


is this for the 4G model?

Daniel Tyson

Sure is, all the HTC One models on carriers are the 4G model


thanks for reply. i’ll leave a note here if it arrives on mine. i assume it just appears as an update over the air like with nexus devices? sorry new to the htc…

James Finnigan

Should be! You’ll get a notification and then it may require you to be connected to Wi-Fi to download.