Welcome to episode 150 of the Ausdroid podcast!

It’s hard to believe we’ve produced 150 episodes of the podcast, so we took a bit of time to reminisce with two special guests this episode – Lucas Burnett, the original voice of the Ausdroid podcast, and Chris Rowland, Ausdroid’s founder and Deputy Editor.

With: Jason Murray, Dan Tyson and Duncan Jaffrey.
Special guests: Lucas Burnett, Chris Rowland


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Brad Smith

This is a bit late now, but in regards to the Bluetooth issues with Nexus 6P, I don’t think it’s a stereo issue with cars actually. I’ve had a weak connection with Bluetooth since I’ve gotten it, and it seems present on all devices I’ve connected it to (JVC head unit, Huawei Taliban B2, and Bose speakers).
For your own knowledge, try connecting to your car speakers, then cupping your hand over the top quarter of the phone. Your almost guaranteed to have the music drop out.
This was tested with 2 different Nexus 6P devices.

Daniel Tyson

Tested as you suggested and I had no problems.

With GM acknowledging the issue is part of the Bluetooth software in MyLink to Marshmallow devices and users with other devices experiencing the same problem it seems to be confirmed it’s an issue with Stereos.

Brad Smith

Fascinating. Because even with the Huawei Talkband B2 (that I got with the Nexus) I had semi frequent disconnects. As well as Bose speakers. I guess the common factor between them all is that they were developed before Marshmallow. So I can only assume they are using some different standard now.
Selfishly, i would have actually like it to be a bug with the Nexus as it is easier to get an update for that than to replace my head unit in my car.
Thanks for your information though!