Mobvoi has seen a simple gap in the market and seized the opportunity. Owners of totally wireless earbuds are likely to know the pain of misplacing a single bud or even worse, your charging case. Only to find that the options are to deal with only one earbud, or to buy a whole new set (brand dependent) — until now that is.

It wasn’t that long ago we saw the introduction of the Ticpods 2, now we’re seeing expanded buying options from Mobvoi. Mobvoi has seen the light and made the decision to offer consumers the ability to buy individual parts to complete their set. It seems to be a pretty smart business decision, it’s income Mobvoi may not have received without this offering. It’s also going to save consumers money if they’ve only lost one earbud or the charging case.

As part of the process, the outright price for a full kit of Ticpods has also been reduced to $107.99 online. Mobvoi has continually delivered good devices at great prices — Ticwatch S2 and E2 as examples — with no sign they’ll back away from this trend.

Does easy availability of replacement parts make electronics more attractive when you’re considering a new purchase?

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For things like replacing individual earphone buds, earpads on headphones, or chargers, such easy access to replacements would make me more likely to consider buying the item.
As for convincing me to buy a pair of these TicPods, no. Hard fail. Ported buds don’t fit at all well in my ears.

Michael Delpach

I ordered a pair of TicPods Free and understandably the warranty ran out in 12 months. The batteries deteriorated within months afterwards and I raised a support issue. The advertised battery life was 4 hours and I am only getting less than 45 minutes after 1.5 years of use. I was repeatedly advised that the warranty was passed and there was no intent to further assist. I also had a Ticwatch E and it does not last 8 hours now, with always on display off. I am concerned that Australians are exposed to companies like this and when products do not… Read more »


Agree, But they are the only one in the market with a LTE supported Wear os. So I had to buy from them. Luckily i bought the watch from their Amazon AU store so there might be a better luck with warranty.