+ Tuesday July 16th, 2019

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App review: Wunderlist to-do and task list. Ist wunderbar!

Shortly after the announcement that Astrid was acquired by Yahoo, the kids at 6Wunderkinder released their Wunderlist To-do & Task List app for Android mobiles and tablets. Since it’s inception in 2011, there’s been the odd iteration of the app for Android, but following the launch of Wunderlist 2 in December last year, they’ve broken …

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Reckon One – Cloud based modular Accounting for the Web, Android and iOS

When talking accounting software in Australia and New Zealand, one of the most recognisable names is Quickbooks or Quicken. The company behind this software, Reckon has been developing their accounting software products for the last 25 years. Reckon is currently rolling out their new modular accounting software package called Reckon …

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