+ Tuesday April 23rd, 2019

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50% of all Android devices accessing the Android Market are running Gingerbread

The latest platform dashboard for Android shows that 50% of the devices accessing the Android Market are running Gingerbread (2.3-2.3.7) — this percentage is up ~12% since October 1st. In the same time frame Froyo dropped 7% and Eclair dropped 2%. Let’s hope when manufacturers start rolling out their Ice …

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Sony Ericsson phasing out Sony Ericsson Sync in favour of Google Sync Services, shuts down December 29th

If you’re a user of a Sony Ericsson device you might be familiar with Sony Ericsson Sync. The service was an alternative to Google Sync that allowed you to sync your contacts to Sony Ericsson’s servers to ensure they were available across all your Sony Ericsson devices. Today Sony Ericsson …

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Sony Ericsson makes it easy to display your photos and videos on your PC with vscreens

This morning I came across vscreens, an application and website developed by Sony Ericsson that allows you to display photos and videos from your Android device — as long as it’s running Eclair (2.1) or above. For vscreens to work you must first download the application (market link) on your …

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