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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Optus lowers Galaxy S to $0 on $49 ‘yes’ Social Cap

After thinking Optus were going to let me down, they have come through with the goods by indeed lowering the price of the Galaxy S to $0 on the $49 'yes' Social plan & 'yes' Cap. So, who's going to...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro coming soon to Three

UPDATE: Psst, SE just got in contact with me. So here's a few more cool details: Availability and Pricing - Xperia™ X10 mini pro will be available in August - ...

Samsung have no plans to bring the Galaxy S Pro to Oz

Ignore my bad Photoshop skills, because we have more important matters to discuss! EDIT: APCmag previously reported this, not sure how I missed it. O.o Neerav Bhatt, professional blogger & freelance journalist, has told us that after speaking with senior...

Optus to lower Galaxy S to $0 on $49 cap

There is a lot of competition in the market at the moment, and Optus are continuing to push prices down. On Monday they are going to lower the Galaxy S to $0 on their $49 'yes' Social Cap. By...

Vodafone only have 1000 Nexus Ones

UPDATE: This has been confirmed by a source inside of Vodafone. Time to fire up the Rumour Mill. I have received word that Vodafone have only been able to secure 1,000 Nexus Ones and that they will only be...

Vodafone starts selling Nexus One – Lowers price

After a few hiccups and early selling over the phone to loyalty customers, Vodafone has opened the gates to the Nexus One via their online store. I suggest that if you want the Nexus One you better start pushing your...

Virgin Mobile launches X10 Mini Pro – Beats the competition on price

More news on the X10 Mini Pro, it has hit the shelves at Virgin Mobile for $5/mo on their new $29 'Smart Cap'. The $29 cap includes unlimited text to national mobiles, 1GB of data, unlimited talk Virgin-to-Virgin & $50...

New Ausdroid Forums

So you have a question about a device, but you don't know where to ask, head to the forums! I just added new forum software, so I think we're good to go. It's a great place to chat about everything...

Motorola Milestone available on Optus – $0 on $49 cap

Goodness, isn't July the month for Android news, and I think we've hit the jackpot on this one! Optus has FINALLY put the Motorola Milestone up on its shelves! It may be 6 months late, and really bad timing, but...

X10 Mini Pro hits Allphones – $49 plan or $489 outright

Just as we suspected, Allphones have stock of the X10 Mini Pro and it's available only on the Optus $49 'yes' Social Plan which includes $420 of credit & 500MB of data. It is also available for $489 outright. Seems...

Dell Streak headed to our shores by August?

What you're reading above is from Dell Australia's live chat/support. And it has two very important points: Mark from Dell doesn't know what a 'minute' is :P The Dell Streak should be launched by August I'm not going to mark this as...

Virgin dive into Android – Take on both Galaxy S & X10 Mini Pro

When Lucas from Techanist told you to 'watch this space' when it came to Android on Virgin Mobile, he meant it. He has said that both the Galaxy S and X10 Mini Pro are all go for launch July...

Telstra drops HTC Desire down to $49 – Gets competitive

It's not everyday you see 'Telstra' and 'Competitive' in the one sentence, but times are beginning to change it seems. Telstra have lowered the HTC Desire down to the extremely competitive price of $49/mo with no phone repayments. The...

Vodafone selling Nexus One from tomorrow ($79 cap)

Vodafone AU has announced via Twitter that they will be selling the Nexus One through their online store from tomorrow. The Nexus One will be $0 upfront on the $79 cap, and supply is very low You can check it out...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro coming to Optus via Allphones

So you were thinking of getting the X10 Mini, but you wanted a keyboard. Well, now your wildest dreams have come true. Through a one month exclusivity deal (starting July 1st), the SE X10 Mini Pro, which is the X10...

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