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Telstra hints at a Motorola Atrix launch as well as Tablets

So Telstra have just put up a post on Telstra Exchange detailing what technology was launched at CES and the year ahead in tech. The first thing we noticed is there are two pictures...

Dell shopping their 7″ Streak around to Aussie carriers, phones also on the list

With Dell making themselves more and more known in the mobile market, recently launching the 5" Streak onto Optus' network last year in an exclusive agreement. Now, there is talk of them shopping their...

Motorola says it’s working on a ‘bootloader solution’ to allow unofficial development

Earlier today Motorola left a blunt reply to a YouTube commenter on their Motorola Atrix 4G video who said that Motorola should easy up on unofficial development and stop using Locked Bootloaders, that reply...

Which carriers will be picking up which new devices?

There have been a lot of cool new devices announced in the past week or so thanks to the wonder that is the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES!). Having all these devices out in...

Dell announce Streak 7 Tablet, will be available globally

Dell has been teasing this 7" Tablet for a while now, and today was the day they finally got official with it by announcing the Streak 7 during their CES keynote speech. You can...

Android 2.2 now officially available for Dell Streaks from Optus

Not too long ago we told you that there was a not-so-official way to update your Dell Streak to Android 2.2 (with Dells own Stage UI, of course), though if you weren't one of...

Dell Streaks from Optus able to update to Froyo now

I can't confirm myself that this update works as I just sold a Dell Streak that I had, though I've been reassured that it's the real deal. If you navigate your Android 1.6 powered...

Android 2.2 for Aussie Dell Streaks coming soon

A big let down in the Dell Streak at launch was the fact that it was a near-tablet device that was running Android 1.6. Then Dell ran into troubles with Android 2.1, so they...

Dell Streak skipping Android 2.1 and headed straight for 2.2

If you're one of the Tablet-Phone loving geeks like myself, you obviously went and purchased your Dell Streak the first day it was available, right? Maybe it was just me then. Anyway, the Dell...

Dell Streak goes on sale tomorrow through Optus, who’s getting one?

Tomorrow will see the Dell Streak hit stores, or at least Optus's online store, tomorrow on their $59 cap which is great value. So I'm wondering who might be getting one, interested to see...

Dell Streak coming to Optus from October 1st

Today we can announce that the Dell Streak is headed to Optus from October 1st on a 3 month exclusive deal. The Streak, which is the first Android Tablet launched in Oz, will be...

Optus looking into Android tablet devices

What do you do when you're feeling the pinch from Telstra launching great devices like the HTC Desire? Well, if you're Optus, you announce that you're looking into the possibilities of Android Tablets. We're...

Dell Streak — Review

The Dell Streak, I have been looking forward to trying out this little beauty, and I know a lot of you have been eager to read a review of it. I am extremely impressed...

Dell Streak now available from MobiCity — Review coming soon

The Dell Streak is finally now available for purchase from MobiCity. Priced at $1,019 the Streak is sure to be well worth it. We've received a review unit and so far, absolutely loving it....

What’s to come in August

This month will (hopefully) bring some new Android devices to Aus, as well as some already available ones heading to new carriers. In this post I'll attempt to cover all known and rumoured upcoming...

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