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Apple be damned, Samsung looks to release Galaxy Tab 10.1 on September 1st

Samsung looks to be moving forward with the release of the anticipated Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. It was picked up by a Phandroid.com tipster in a yet to be released Myer catalogue that...

Google against bogus patents: Unless we act, consumers could face rising costs for Android...

Android is getting battered by big companies claiming its infringing on patents left, right and center. We've seen this clearly here in Australia with the latest attack by Apple at Samsung, and Google wants...

Samsung Australia postpones Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch event, Apple laugh maniacally

Well there you go ladies and gents, Samsung Australia have indeed pushed back the launch event they had planned for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 on August 11th, according to Gizmodo AU. Here's what Samsung...

Samsung Australia’s official comment on Apple’s complaint to the Federal Court, Galaxy Tab 10.1...

Update: We've reached out to Samsung AU asking what the difference between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 variant Apple complained about and the one Samsung plan to sell here is. After reaching out to Samsung late...

Apple blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia, Samsung gets shown who’s boss

Update: Galaxy Tab 10.1 will come to Australia, read Samsung's statement here. Guess who got shown up in the Federal Court today? Samsung, of course. Apple filed an injunction against Samsung stopping them from selling...

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