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Latest Telstra Reviews on Ausdroid:

Telstra’s HTC Desire suffering from GPS problem

The HTC Desire’s first week out has not gone without problems. A small little bug I’m sure people could deal with, but when your GPS won’t connect at all, you have a massive problem on your hands. Whirlpool has spun into action with many people proclaiming they’re affected I contacted …

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Telstra selling HTC Desire from today

Telstra have sent out an email this morning stating that the HTC Desire is available for purchase online or through specific [T]Life stores. As a surprise we are excited to let you know that you can be one of the first in Australia to purchase the HTC Desire online and …

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Will Telstra snare the Legend?

A few reports have come out saying that Telstra will also get a three month scoop on the HTC Legend, to keep the HTC Desire company. The Legend is the second generation HTC Hero, with a aluminium unibody similar to a Macbook Pro. It features a 3.2″ AMOLED screen powered …

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HTC Desire heading to Telstra

The long awaited HTC Desire (Bravo) is heading over to Telstra. Telstra has waited a while for the Android Platform to mature enough to be usable by everyone, not just technology Geeks. It is expected to hit [T]Life stores in early April, so not long to go.

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