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Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy Note pushed back to Q2

With the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note here in Australia, the question everyone has been asking is: when will it get Ice Cream Sandwich? At the launch event, Samsung couldn’t pinpoint a specific time frame, however, Samsung Norway have jumped in on their Facebook page to tell their …

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ICS Enhanced Ringer Control allows you to set notification and ringer volumes independently

If you own a device running Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” you’ll notice that yu can’t set the volume of notifications and calls independently.. that’s where Aussie developer Brian Hislop steps in with ICS Enhanced Ringer Control. The app overrides the default sound settings and allows you to independently set …

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HTC Velocity 4G will be the first HTC device to get Ice Cream Sandwich on Telstra, roll-out next month or so

One of our great writers, Matty Booth, is currently at the HTC Velocity 4G launch event in Sydney checking out the device before it goes on sale tomorrow to consumers. When Telstra were asked about Ice Cream Sandwich for the Velocity 4G, they said that the update is currently in …

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