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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Jabra Elite 85H — Australian Review

Sometimes a bit of tech comes along that you’re curious about, very excited for and you also have some apprehension about the delivery of and the Jabra Elite 85H fits perfectly in that box for me. On paper there’s...

Augmented Reality App Lets You Place Hisense Products In Your Home

If you're considering buying a Hisense TV or other appliance but aren't sure how it would look, Hisense Australia has released a Home AR app that claims to let you view a true-to-scale product in your home space before...

Telstra exploring a Smart Calling feature integrated with Google Assistant devices

Ausdroid has received information which suggests Telstra is working with Google to bring phone calls on Google Home to Australia. The feature, which has been live in the US, Canada and UK for some time, allows users of Google...

Bose quietly released new Noise Cancelling 700 over-ear headphones

Bose is a name that everyone knows, recognises and associates with quality audio equipment. Their noise cancelling headphone models QC25 from 2014, QC35 released in 2016 and the latest QC35 II with Google Assistant have all upheld that reputiation...

Domino’s is investing in technology to improve the quality of your next pizza

Domino’s Pizza is investing in new technology that will help ensure you get a pizza that actually looks like it should. By monitoring the toppings used and the outcome of the baking process, Domino's hopes to rid itself of...

Swann Security add a hardwired, Wi-Fi connected flood light to their home security range

The growing availability of home security devices, particularly cameras has been growing for some time and shows no sign of slowing down. What the devices are doing is becoming less conspicuous. That is exactly what has happened with the Floodlight...

Hey Google, what’s for dinner? On-demand food delivery coming to Assistant

Would you like some large fries and a frozen drink with that? With our busy lives nowadays, along with the onset of winter now arriving, more and more people are eating out or ordering take away to have at home...

Don’t stop the music – smart displays can group speakers on the fly

Google Assistant powered smart displays like the Nest Hub have seen a number of recent feature updates, including new clock faces and voice commands. A more intuitive way to group smart speakers together is perhaps the best new feature,...

Android Q update will enable automation through Rules

Android updates come with many new features, some of which are able to replace existing apps. Android Q's beta update has a feature called "Rules" that can perform automated actions in an easier-to-use package. A Aeam at XDA-Developers has dug...

Google Assistant integration to Messages is beginning to roll out

Back at MWC we had an early look at the integration of Google Assistant into Messages but as is often the way we were not given a timeline on delivery for users. It seems that has now been...

Samsung’s first AI Speaker clears the FCC

With Google and Amazon taking a commanding lead in the consumer smart speaker market we weren't surprised when Samsung announced their Galaxy Home branded smart speaker. Of course, it was going to be powered by Bixby, arguably (not) the...

Samsung keeps playing whack-a-mole with Bixby button remapping apps -confirmed on Galaxy S 10+

The Bixby key on Samsung devices is a source of much internet consternation. The main area of concern is Samsung's unwillingness to allow it to be remapped to another voice assistant service. To combat this you can download a...

Google announces the official launch of Assistant integration on Sonos speakers

It's here, the day long promised to Sonos users by Google and Sonos alike, official support for the Google Assistant. Users with a Sonos One or Sonos Beam will have direct access to the Google Assistant and all other...

Sonos is finally ready to say hello to the Google Assistant

After a few false starts and missed deadlines, Sonos finally appears to be ready to roll out Google Assistant on their smart speakers. Shipping initially with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, Sonos One and Sonos Beam will be able to enable...

IO 2019: Google finally lets you stop an alarm with one word

If you've ever struggled to turn off your Google Home alarm in the mornings then this one's for you. Announced at Google IO this morning, you can now finally silence a Google Home alarm by saying "Stop" instead of having...

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